From ''Rocks to Business''

We aim to be a preferred player in the provision of consultants and staff to oil companies within our focus areas:

Exploration & Subsurface Evaluation
- Basin, prospect & field scales.
- Geology, Seismic Interpretation, Reservoir Engineering
Portfolio Management
- Acreage & Asset Valuations and Options
- Strategic Framing
- Business Development
Resource Assessment
- from Speculative Resources to Reserves

We are committed to consolidating our provision of consultancy services in Norway, at the same time as expanding to an International client base. We also source and select Professionals for permanent staff positions where this is the preferred option. Our focus is on the areas of the business we understand in depth: Exploration, Appraisal, Asset Evaluation, Portfolio Management, Resource & Reserve Assesment, Commercial and Economics. We aim to be a preferred provider of expert and high level professionals in these fields. We also aim to be the company of choice for Professionals seeking assignments as a consultant, or seeking more challenging and rewarding employment in oil companies.

To provide highly experienced competent professionals.
To match professional aspirations with client needs

We strive to  provide Professionals with roles that suit their level of competency and aspirations, and match them closely to the needs of Clients.

To leverage our:
- Deep Understandng of the E&P Business
- Personnel Assessment Expertise
- Extensive Network

The cornerstone of our Strategy is our strong association with seasoned professionals we have worked with over 30 years in the industry. We aim to understand Client requirements via close dialogue. We are also expanding our professional network, and to this aim we have secured strong expertise in Personnel Assessment to assess competency and motivation.

We select the right candidate for any position.


Exploration Options AS, Skansegaten 13a, 4006 STAVANGER, Norway               Tel: +47 97572878