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Consultant 2015

Acknowledged explorationist with about 20 years’ experience and understanding of all Norwegian provinces: North Sea, Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea, including Barents Sea South East (former grey zone), supplemented by experience from North Africa. Has held key roles for Norwegian Major and mid-sized Operators, as staff and, more recently, as a consultant, including Project Leader and Exploration Manager, but has maintained hands-on technical skills.  Key expertise areas: Source rock, basin development and structural framework interpretation, seismic interpretation, seismic design and acquisition, attribute & AVO analysis; all as a basis for complete regional reviews of basins & plays and prospect generation & maturation, as well as exploration well planning and operational aspects. Has evaluated and managed many operated licenses and near-field & frontier concession rounds on the NCS.  Significant experience in the integration of Exploration & Business Development strategy & activity, with high exposure to farm-ins and farm-outs.  Skilled user of tools and workstations from Schlumberger: Petrel, IESX, Geoframe, GeoX & Cegal; Blueback Toolbox; Landmark: Openworks and Seisworks;  ESRI: ArcGIS.  Holds an MSc in Structural Geology and a CBA in MBA. 

Consultant 3010

Seasoned and acknowledged Structural Geology expert and Seismic Interpreter with extensive experience in all Norwegian provinces: North Sea, Mid Norway and Barents sea, supplemented by worldwide experience in all structural settings: extensional, thrusts, salt and overpressured shale movement etc. Key expertise areas: Structural framework interpretation and reconstruction as basis for play and prospect generation and delineation of depositional systems; fracture analysis & prediction; fault seal analysis and hydrocarbon column height prediction; geological field trip leadership; challenging paradigms in structural interpretation. Underpinned by expertise in Geoquest IESX, Landmark Seisworks, Kingdom, Petrel, ArcGIS and Petrosys workstation & software.
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