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We provide Training and Forums under this theme and our focus areas of Exploration Evaluation, Portfolio Management and Resource Assessment.

Our courses and workshops from acknowledged experts include:
Basin Master Class
Structural Geology
Carbonate Geology
Geologic Field Excursions
Exploration Strategy & Portfolio Management
Exploration Management
Exploration Risk & Resource Assessment
Exploration Lookbacks and Performance

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Photo John Nicholson

Structural Interpretation and New Trap identification

Based on 35 years experience as a Petroleum Geologist spanning 5 continents with diverse structural regimes, John Nicholson provides courses in Structural Interpretation and Identification of New Traps.  John promotes concept-driven interpretation, and draws from an extensive analogue database to reveal new structual geometries and prospects from seismic interpretation.  The course is supported by John's Forward Modelling and Section Balancing software for structural restoration of trap geometries and testing the plausibility of new ideas.

Course content can be tailored over 1 to 3 days according to your company's needs.  John can cover basins and implications for prospectivity in all structural settings including extensional, inverted, thrust and strike-slip domains.

new JN course 1

Suppose the ’yellow unit’ is the Target
  • Oil-bearing at Location A
  • Target ’missed’ at well B, incorrectly mapped as A Block continuing up to the youngest of the footwall faults
  • Potential in Block C


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