Oil & Gas Resource Management & Legislation

We offer advisory services for governments with respect to management of their hydrocarbon resources as a basis for securing long-term economic value and safe and environmentally sound operations.  Key areas include:
  • Goals & Strategy
  • Pre-qualification and ongoing assessment of oil & gas companies
  • Licensing Round area selection and timing
  • Criteria for companies to be awarded acreage, operatorships
  • Legislation & Tax.  License and JOA agreements.  Commitments and pace of activit
  • Infrastructure development, access & decommisioning
  • Industry cooperation

Reserves and Resource potential underpin the strategy for hydrocarbon resource management.  We have strong expertise and experience in this area including involvement in the USGS World Energy Consortium.

Norway New Entrants Advisory Services


We provide Advisory services for new entrants to Norway:

  • Legislation applicable to Norwegian E&P Industry
  • Norway Operating Environment
  • Stakeholder Overview
  • Pre-qualification process & requirements
  • Exploration, Business Development and Partnering Strategy
  • Hosting and administration form our office in Stavanger

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