Providing services as a Consultant

Our Professionals provide services to oil and gas companies as Associates of Exploration Options. You are free to choose the degree of association. Our 'Resource Associates' are profiled on this website and thereby receive a higher level of marketing of their expertise. Our 'Project Associates' have chosen to limit their association with Exploration Options to specific assignments.

Exploration Options operates with low overheads in comparison to many Consultancy companies, and we are able to offer highly competitive daily or hourly rates. In the event of an Assignment for an oil & gas company, then your services will be contracted by Exploration Options. The contract may be with you as an individual as a temporary employment contract, or with your business entity.

Our current focus is the Norwegian upstream oil and gas industry, and our consultants may be Norwegians or normally resident outside Norway. Exploration Options can assist with respect to formalities associated with temporarily living and working in Norway.

Expertise we are seeking

We are currently focussing on the Norwegian oil and gas industry.  As a result of the drop in oil prices, companies have reduced exploration and development expenditure, and sanction of several discoveries has been delayed.  Nevertheless, the oil industry is cyclical, and we expect the recent staff & consultant manpower reductions from the service industry and oil companies to provide good opportunities in the near future for consultant and staff positions.

We anticipate a demand for: 
  • Explorationists
  • Geophysicists / Seismic Interpreters - in Exploration and Development
  • Geologists- in Exploration & Development
  • Petrophysicists
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Economists

Management and Advisory Services

We often receive requests for management and advisory services. 

Management services may be required in an interim period whilst the client is seeking to fill a staff position, such as Exploration Managers and Development managers. Advisory services are provided by experts in their fields such as:

  • Peer Reviews & Training
  • Portfolio Assessments and Strategic Framing
  • Asset and Company Valuations
  • Data Room attendance and evaluations
  • Resource and Reserve Assessments
  • Structural Geology
  • Basin Modelling & Geochemistry
  • Commercial Terms & Agreements
Professionals filling these positions are highly qualified with experience of typically minimum 20 years.

If you have management expertise or are a recognised industry expert, then we will endeavour to find a suitable assigmnent.

Exploration Options AS, Skansegaten 13a, 4006 STAVANGER, Norway               Tel: +47 97572878