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Our business is to link the right professionals to challenging and rewarding staff positions in oil and gas companies.  We source, deliver and assess professionals for technical and managerial positions, with a prime focus on Norway, but also for international clients.

The Norwegian (and worldwide) oil & gas industry has experienced strong demand for experienced professionals over recent years, particularly for Explorationists, Seismic Interpreters, Geologists and Reservoir Engineers.  The downturn in the oil price which commenced in the second half of  2014 has had a strong impact on the market for staff and consultants, but we anticipate that there will be a strong rebound when the oil price stabilises.

Although there has been a recent trend of delaying drill-or-drop decisions for exploration wells,  and  a number of potential developments are now on hold in Norway, with sanction pending, increased activity may be fueled by several factors including reductions in rig rates & development costs,   and a rising oil price.  The giant Johan Sverdrup oil field has been sanctioned in 2015, and 13 companies were offered 23rd license round acreage in the Barents Sea on 18 May 2016.  These players have a long term perspective.

A number of Norwegian discoveries are in various stages of maturity, from appraisal through to concept select, under development or producing.  Development and production geoscientists, reservoir engineers and petrophysicists are anticipated to be in strong demand for many years to come.

We also provide Managers for the upstream oil and gas industry, particularly in Exploration, Development, Commercial and Business Development.

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Positions available

Once we have received your CV, we will supply a summary of suitable positions as these become available.


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